Sunday, October 19, 2008


Cristina and I went camping this weekend in San Bernardino National Forrest at Boulder Basin. This is our first camping trip in quite awhile, so we decided to keep it simple and just do an overnight. Plus, the site was only about 2 hours away from where we live. It was absolutely beautiful; the pictures do not do it justice!

This was my dogs' first camping trip (Riley and Buddy), and they weren't really sure what to think.

Cristina hanging out:

Now for the best part of camping...the food! Here I'm roasting veggie dogs, cooking Amy's baked beans (hobo style), and there's the amazing corn on the cob from the farmer's market. I brought my cast iron pan, but for the sake of simplicity and less cleanup, I decided to just cook the beans right in the can at the last minute.

I added the veggie dogs to some of the beans and it was yummy.

Here I am tending to the corn. To get this ready, I soaked it in water for about an hour before we left. I wrapped the cobs in foil for transport. To prepare them, I peeled back the husks and cleaned off the silk. Then I drizzled some olive oil on the corn, and seasoned it with a spicy creole blend. I put the husks back onto the corn so it wouldn't dry out, and wrapped them back up in the foil. Onto the fire it goes where it sizzles for a good half hour or so.

Look at this beauty! The corn really turned out amazingly wonderful.

Gimme the corn!

After dinner it was time for s'mores. When preparing for this camping trip, I found out that traditional marshmallows aren't vegan. It's amazing how animal products find their way into so much of the food on the market. Here we're roasting some vegan marshmallows (by Sweet and Sara).

A s'more made of vegan graham crackers, vegan chocolate, and a marshmallow from above. Yum!

Waking up with pugs.

I thought this was too hilarious not to include.

Here I am at the end of the trip, making sure that there are no coals left burning in the fire pit. I help prevent forest fires! (Especially with all of the California fires we've had recently.)

So that's it! I will definitely be doing this again, but probably at a more primitive and less developed camping area. I like to be social as much as the next person, but I've learned that I do not want to risk having to camp next to a site full of screaming 10-year-old boys (not exactly conducive to relaxing and enjoying nature). As it's coming into the winter months, I may take a stab at desert camping...I hear that's also enjoyable. I will keep you posted!


speedvegan said...

How awesome. I miss California so much. Camping in FL leaves a lot to be desired. :-(

I loved all the food, especially the Sweet and Sara marshmallows. Aren't they the best ? Mmm...

Can't wait to read about more camping stories.

Tierney said...

So you used to live in Cali then? I haven't even been here a year yet and I'm seriously loving it.

It was my first Sweet and Sara experience...very satisfying.

I think a trip to Joshua Tree (desert site) is in the works for next month!