Thursday, October 30, 2008

I miss waking up to a bike ride

I haven't really been able to ride my bike to work like I used to. It's pretty much due to the fact that it's getting really dark and cold in the mornings when I need to leave, and I don't have the proper gear for this. I'm still able to grab a lift to work from time to time, and then I can ride home. However, this is completely dependent upon scheduling that is not always in my favor.

So it is with a heavy heart that I drive to work each day, passing by hardcore cyclists with their fancy lights and cold-weather riding clothes. My longing was replaced with amusement this morning when I saw something quite interesting. I looked to the shoulder of the road and saw a man riding his bike. He was definitely not a hardcore cyclist because his helmet looked like the kind I had in grade school and he wore street clothes. The thing that really gave it away was his lighting system. I didn't see a pretty, blinking taillight attached to his bike. What I saw was a big, bulky light (the kind that go on the top of road blocks) tucked into a bag at the edge of his seatpost rack.

Now I'm not trying to judge here, but I really don't think he acquired that piece of equipment legally.


spoden said...

Now You are talking.

speedvegan said...

LOL ! That's hilarious !

Wishing you good weather !