Sunday, March 29, 2009

I feel like a kid again!

I had seen a recipe for "fish" sticks on the Vegan Lunchbox blog, and had always wanted to try it. It uses kelp granules to give the dish a fishy flavor, and I picked up those at an Asian market. I have to say that it really reminded me of fish sticks. I used frozen and thawed tofu, and while I enjoyed the texture, it wasn't flaky the way fish is. I'd say that's the only major difference between this recipe and the real thing. I wonder if there's a way to make tofu flaky.

Another big part of the meal is the vegan mac and cheese from Vegan Dad's blog. I've tried some other "cheesy" recipes, but was never quite satisfied. When I came across this blog and saw that it was kid-approved, I figured that it must taste pretty good. It's not like the kind from the blue box, but still enjoyable.

Other stuff on my plate: broccoli (steamed in a bit of veggie broth) with lemon juice, and a slaw recipe from Vegan Planet (where the beets mentioned in my previous post went!).

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speedvegan said...

looks like my kind of dinner.