Friday, May 8, 2009

Movie Night!

It was a Friday evening after a rough week, and I wanted to veg. So I made a yummy queso dip using sauteed garlic, jalapenos, salsa, and vegan cream cheese. It's probably the best tasting vegan cheese dip I've had so far. I also had some Amy's refried beans as a dip. I was craving pizza rolls, but I've yet to find a vegan version, so I had to make do with Amy's soy cheese pizza on the rice crust. It was ok, but not worth the $6.00 that the tiny pizza cost! I also popped some popcorn on the stove (no bagged stuff for me!). What a great dinner. :)


speedvegan said...

This is all the stuff I'm planning to eat when my braces come off ! Mmm...

Tierney said...'s not that healthy, but it tastes soo good!