Saturday, April 11, 2009

Aphids Be Gone!!!

So I've been growing a basil plant in a pot on my patio. I just recently potted this guy, when I noticed that some of the leaves were curling and yellowing. I took a closer look, and what did I see? Aphids! I will not use any pesticides, but my plant was fading fast. I remember reading that ladybugs are the aphid's natural predator, but I didn't have any of those handy. Luckily, I spotted quite a few while taking a walk one day. There is seriously a huge supply of ladybugs near my apartment. I grabbed a few and walked them back to my plant. Hopefully they will be able to get rid of the pests until my plant gets a little stronger and able to defend itself. Here's to hoping that these ladies (I know, not necessarily ladies. Actually, I'm pretty sure one of them is male because they appeared to be copulating at one point...ha!) stick around until the job's done!

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