Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vanilla Cake with Coconut Icing

The cake recipe came from the Vegan Lunchbox blog. I read all of the comments for any tips, and it was repeatedly stated that this batter could make cupcakes only. If you tried to make it into a cake, the center would not cook all the way and the edges would turn crispy. I beat the system by making my own Magi-Cake baking strips. I sprayed paper towels with water, and wrapped them in foil. I placed the foil/paper around the edges of the cake pans. The theory is that the foil strips will keep the edges of the cake cooler, allowing the cake to cook all the way through. Baking time increased by maybe 10 minutes, but the cake turned out perfectly!

The coconut icing recipe came from VWAV.

The cake was a bit too light textured to support the heavy frosting, but it tasted so good.

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